Buying a Condo in Miami can be a good investment, but you don’t want to walk into the process blindfolded. Before you buy your first condo in Miami, find a real estate agent who can properly explain the possible rules you will need to abide by after your purchase.

🏒 The Benefits of Buying a Miami Condo

There are a few undeniable benefits when you buy a condo in Miami. The biggest benefits are:

  • No yard maintenance. This is very appealing to many people because it allows them to focus on other activities rather than doing yard work in their spare time. The association dues you pay will cover yard and property maintenance and landscaping.
  • Often, buying a condo is less costly than buying a comparable single-family home. Obviously, there are many factors to consider when comparing the cost of a condo versus that of a home. But, typically, you will spend less when you buy a condo. A condo also provides an affordable alternative to pricey homes in comparable areas.
  • You’ll enjoy a sense of community. The same can be said of people who live in homes. However, when you live in a condo, you’re in close proximity to your neighbors which gives you more opportunities to get to know who’s living near you.

πŸ™‹ Choosing Your Miami Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right Miami real estate agent with which to work is important. You want someone who knows the market and will work to get you a great deal on a Miami condo. Remember, your real estate agent is going to be by your side from the time you start looking for a condo to closing day and beyond. Therefore, you want to find someone with whom you are comfortable. Some questions you should ask the agent include:

  • How many years have you been in the real estate industry?
  • Are you associated with any professional organizations?
  • What type of training and education do you have?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • How much do you charge?

These are only a few questions you can ask the agent. The point is that you want to get to know the agent to ensure you will have a good working relationship with them.

πŸ“ Overview of Possible Condo Rules in Miami

Condo living isn’t for everyone. There are rules that you must follow that you may not have to consider when you choose to live in a single-family home. Your real estate agent is familiar with Miami condo rules and can explain each of them in greater detail. Keep in mind that you need to be clear on the rules before you buy. The last thing you want to have happen is to buy a condo only to find the rules are too restrictive. Some possible Miami condo rules could include:

  • Pet Policy – There may be restrictions on the size, number and breed of the animals that you can have on property. Many homeowners’ associations will place restrictions on breeds of dogs considered dangerous. If you are permitted to have a pet, you will most certainly have to abide by leash laws and be required to clean up after your pet.
  • Maintenance – Miami condo rules will state who is responsible for maintenance issues such as pest control and appliance repair. Sometimes your association dues will cover these items, but the rules should clearly state who is responsible for maintenance.
  • Parking – Parking at condo units can be limited and certain spaces are meant for residents of certain units. Condo rules will state how many spaces each resident gets, and which spaces belong to whom. There may also be rules regarding visitor parking. There’s usually restrictions on uninsured or non-working vehicles being left in the parking lot. The rules may also specify where cars will be towed if parking violations occur.
  • Fines for Violations – It is important to be aware of the Miami condo rules and follow them as closely as possible. Doing so will allow you to avoid costly fines for violations. The Miami condo rules should list the fee assessed for each violation and instructions on how to pay the fine when assessed.

Condo living can be very rewarding if you prefer to live where there’s little maintenance and you don’t your mind neighbors being close. But, before you jump into buying a Miami condo, make sure you understand the condo rules to ensure you will be able to follow them once you move in. Your real estate agent should be able to answer all your questions regarding the condo rules.

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